Winter Fitness Tips

Winter is upon us and the holidays seem to be coming very quickly! Here are three teasy tips that will help your fitness goals throughout the colder shorter days.

1) Eat 'Warmly'

In the colder months we crave warmer meals to warm our souls. Making soups full of good proteins and lots of veggies are fabulous. If you don’t have any good soup creations of your own try “Mitchelle’s Soup Company” for great soups and meals. Pulling out the crockpot and looking on Pinterest is another great way to be creative and plan ahead.

2) Remember to hydrate!

Spending more tome inside in the heat drys out the body. Warm water with lemon if you are cold or some great herbal teas can help.

3) Get moving!

Feeling lethargic on the shorter daylight time? Get moving! You will feel so much better... sometimes it is hard to imagine, but using energy gives you energy, warms up the body and feels amazing! I encourage you all to stay with it. Keep with the routine or make a change with the season with a new routine but keep up the good, healthy, fit and fabulous lifestyle. It is worth it:)

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