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Shoulders - Biceps - Triceps

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

This is a great (and fast) workout to target your shoulders, biceps and triceps. Shoulders, biceps and triceps are all muscle of the arms that are so important for daily use, not to mention you look good in sleeveless attire:)

For this workout you'll need a mat and some moderately weighted dumbbells. The weights you choose should be an amount that is a challenge for you to complete the repetitions, but not so heavy that you loose proper form.

If you do have shoulder issues check with your doctor or physiotherapist before attempting this routine

Don't forget to start your workout with a warm-up. Here's my standard 9-minute warm-up routine.

Set One - Repeat Three Times

10 x Shoulder Press

12 x Arnold Press

10 x Bicep Curl

30 Seconds Rest

Set Two - Repeat Three Times

12 x Lateral Raise

20 x Crossover Bicep Curl

30 Seconds Rest

Set Three - Repeat Three Times

10 x Front Raise with Twist

12 x Tricep Extension

30 Seconds Rest

Set Four - Repeat Three Times

10 x Rear Delt Fly

12 x Tricep Kickbacks

20 x Plank Ups

30 Seconds Rest

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