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How to Brace Your Core

Bracing your core is very important for completing many abdominal exercises safely. Here's a quick tutorial on how to brace your core.

The core is a natural girdle that protects our spine. Core bracing should be practiced throughout all strength training exercises, however it is also important to focus on core bracing separately.

To brace your core, start by laying on your back on a comfortable surface. Take a deep breath in lifting the diaphragm and draw your belly button toward your spine. Then lift your pelvic floor.

Draw your transverse abdominals in toward your centre so that you're feeling a strong support around your abdomen.

With your core braced complete 10 crunches, 10 knee to chest extensions and 10 lower leg raises.

To test your new core bracing skills, try this 4-minute core bracing workout!

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