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Sign Up for the 6-week Transformation Challenge!

Starting September 6th, this challenge includes:

  • Fitness testing

  • InBody Assessment

  • Personalized Fitness plan

  • 6 weeks of in private studio workouts 3 days a week

  • At home exercises and accountability

  • Meal plan and accountability of meals tracked

  • Photos taken each week

  • Community group chat

The event will start with fitness testing on September 6th at the studio located at 6454 Somenos Road. All participants can meet one another and know who they are competing against and encouraging throughout the 6-weeks.

All participants will perform an InBody Fitness Assessment and take photos and measurements. This will be done each week to check in and see your progress!

Fitness testing will also be part of this challenge to record your starting level, halfway through to see your increased fitness level and at the end to see where your new fitness level is!

Individuals will have their personalized workouts scheduled three days a week at the studio, plus cardiovascular activity and at-home exercises to perform to reach their ultimate goal. Each participant will be re-evaluated at the beginning of each week, and new progression photos will be taken.

Weekly prizes will be awarded for achievements throughout the six weeks; for example, one week will be the best compliance score, and another may be the most steps achieved during the week, best eating habits.

The winner of the contest will be the participant with the biggest transformation! The cost of the challenge is 800.00 plus taxes.

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