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Health and fitness is personal, which is why Tanya offers a wide range of training options. 

Life isn't all about being in the gym, it's about being strong and healthy enough to enjoy time with friends and family, participate in active pursuits, and live pain-free day-to-day. This is why Tanya focuses on your goals and creates workouts that will make you stronger so you can do the things you love.


From full fitness assessments to on-going development to flexible training sessions, there’s a program for everyone. No matter where you start or what you need, Tanya is ready to help you in the gym.

Please review the gym's COVID-19's policy before entering the space. Thank you!


NEW! Noon Hour Group Fitness 

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 12:10-12:50 - 40 minutes of high energy workouts

$100 / Month or $15/drop-in


All personal training sessions, for first-time clients, begin with an initial fitness consultation and program design. Tanya’s approach is holistic—in order to train safely, and to get the results you want, an overall assessment of your health and fitness level is essential. The initial consultation includes a one-hour fitness assessment, full program design, nutritional program and one personal training session.



New to personal training? Kick start your fitness with the Six Week Lifestyle Introduction Program. 

For six weeks you'll get 1-hour sessions in the gym three days a week. 

This program includes a fitness consultation, an individual program design, and a nutritional breakdown and outline.



This option is created for people who wish to be motivated once in a while as they continue on a Fitness Program. One-on-one training sessions can help you make little changes to your acquired program and motivate you to continue seeing those results!


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Fit Club is for clients who wish to remain ongoing with their fitness lifestyle. Fit Club is a fun and dynamic atmosphere shared with one or two other clients and allows you to experience full use of the gym and equipment. As you progress, Tanya will continue to customize and change-up your program to keep you motivated, healthy and fit. Quarterly full-body assessments, nutritional advice and overall health and wellness information are included in the Fit Club rates. A minimum of six months commitment is required to achieve these rates; make-up sessions will be accommodated when/if possible.

2 Days / Week •  $325 billed monthly 

3 Days / Week • $399 billed monthly

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Working to change the way you feel from the inside out.


3 Days a week for 6-weeks of Personal Training sessions plus a full Holistic Nutrition assessment and a 5 day meal plan.

Meet with Marina Nelson RHN once a week to guide you through your nutrition and weekly meal planning throughout the 6-weeks.



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Once you have completed your initial consultation and a program has been customized to your needs and fitness level, ongoing training is available to help you reach your personal goals. Sessions are one hour and include a cardio warm-up, training and core work.

Sessions are booked monthly. In order to keep rates at a manageable cost, sessions may be shared with up to one or two other clients. A monthly commitment is required to achieve these rates. No make-up sessions for missed days.

1 Session / Week • $55.00 per session

2 Sessions / Week • $45.00 per session

3 Sessions / Week • $40.00 per session


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