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Fit for Self Personal Training 


About Tanya

Owner and Operator of Fit for Self Fitness Studio in Duncan, BC, Tanya has been in the personal training industry for nearly 20 years. Mother to three wonderful children, Tanya believes in a holistic approach to fitness, that includes exercise, nutrition and mental and emotional health. Balancing a healthy and fit lifestyle with time for family, friends and work is essential to overall well-being.

Tanya’s certifications include:

  • BCRPA Certified Weight Training and Personal Training Instructor

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Trainer in Exercise Therapy

  • Health Sciences Nutritional Therapist Certification

  • Certified Spin Instructor




Training Studio

The Fit for Self studio gym is fully equipped with advanced weight training equipment, stationary bikes, TRX, resistance bands, free weights, kettlebells and everything else you would expect in a top-notch facility. However, it is located in an intimate, private, warm and inviting space where you will feel comfortable, welcomed and challenged—regardless of your fitness level. The gym can accommodate up to three people at one time and is a fun, well-designed and well-organized space.




Gym Address:

6454 Somenos Road

Duncan, BC


(250) 748-6847

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